Note: Use sdaMakerTool to deploy JDBC/JMS driver to SAP PI/PO

SAP PI/PO Oct 26, 2020

Validate existing installed drivers

Go to url http://hostname:/nwa/classloader

Request the existing SDA file (from Basis) if there are notice drivers that using with JMS/JDBC channels in the system.

If it is the first time deploy any driver to the system then get from the SAPXI3RDPARTY*.SCA (download from software center)

Add driver file to the SDA file

Such as we are going to use JDBC for MySQL 5.1.41 then go to MySQL website to download JDBC driver for that version.

Use SDA Marker Tool to add the Jar file to the existing SDA file - SAP note 1987079

java -jar sdaMakerTool.jar

The tool actually update 2 places in the SDA file:

1. {sda file}\lib - add Jar file to lib folder

2. {sda file}\server - add one line to provider.xml

We can manually edit the SDA file to add Jar file and edit provider.xml if we don't want to use SDA Marker Tool

Many SAP Notes just in cases this not working: 1138877, 850116, 831162, 1987079, 1931899, 2513069

Dai (Bato) Quach

Integration Architect | SAP Integration Suite / PO Consultant | AWS Solutions Architect

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